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Atlanta – The city in the forest

When they first hear about Atlanta, most people categorize it as a business metropolis and not as a town where they can enjoy an air as fresh as in the small countryside communities. However, the humid subtropical climate that allows mild winters and moist summers creates the perfect environment from abundant and luxurious vegetation that covers almost forty percent of the surface. In addition, it is important to note that you will also get to see samples that are unique to Atlanta, such as the autumn flowering cherry for instance. Nonetheless, the top five most amazing trees to see in Atlanta include the trident maple, the river birch, the Eastern love tree, a native crabapple Malus species, and of course, the magnolias.

If you love plants, trees, bushes, and shrubs then one place you should include in your itinerary is the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The main attraction of the Botanical Garden is the famous Kendeda Canopy Walk, a skywalk measuring slightly under two hundred meters that takes its visitors close to the tall branches of poplars, oaks, or hickories. In addition, from the skyline, you can see thousands of acres of woodlands and complex themed gardens.

Besides this great relaxing and startling trees, Atlanta also includes a lot of parks and gardens for a truly outdoor soothing experience. If you ever come to Atlanta, one of the tourist attractions that you must explore is the Piedmont Park. Even though it measures only one mile, this park provides a lot of fun for the entire family. Therefore, if you are looking to enjoy a nice day at a picnic, swim or fish, play football, volleyball, or soccer, or simply spend one day in nature, Piedmont Park is the place where you can achieve your goals.

Even though it is not exactly in Atlanta, but rather a few miles away from the city, Stone Mountain Park is a location where the fun never stops and where you can experience endless adventures. Why do you think that this park is the preferred host to most of the festivals in Atlanta all year long? If you enjoy hiking and you will climb up to the top of Stone Mountain you will not only see the magnificent pools and rocks, but you will also enjoy an overview of downtown Atlanta. In addition, if you visit during summer, you can even catch a glimpse of the breathtaking landscape of the Kennesaw and Appalachian mountains.

To the east of Stone Mountain Park and only two miles away, you can find the Yellow River Game Ranch. Since no forest is complete without animals, this wildlife reservation gives a chance for you and your family and friends to mingle with over six hundred animals. What is great about this is that the owners of the Game Ranch allow you to pet and feed all the animals, including their younglings. While you get a first-hand experience with animals such as ponies, sheep, black bears, rabbits, goats, donkeys, and so on, you will be able to see the largest herd of buffalo on this side of the Mississippi River.

Since the city includes thousands of acres of plants and trees inside and outside the city, it is only natural the authorities named the main street of Atlanta Peachtree Street, after a common tree. However, even though the residents and authorities are quite proud of the nickname and of the clean air they breathe, sadly the number of plants has considerably diminished in the past couple of years. Taking into account that most trees are around eighty years old, which is very close to their lifespan, this environmental issue is even more touching. However, this only makes the plants and trees in Atlanta more valuable and appealing!

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