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The city that meets all needs – Atlanta

While the capital of the state of Georgia, Atlanta, is commonly viewed as a top business city in the United States, this article will reveal to you a part of it that is usually less known to its visitors. For instance, did you know that this great metropolis has the nickname of the city in the forest? Thanks to the abundance of plants and trees that you can find in parks, city trails, and gardens, Atlanta provides its residents and tourists alike with cool and fresh air that you would normally find solely in the countryside. The fact that the main street of Atlanta is named after a tree stands as proof of its luxuriant green environment.

Isn’t nature your main thing? Then one of the best times to visit Atlanta can be during Black History Month in February. Home and birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr., Atlanta reveals to its visitors an interesting and captivating piece of American history. If you were to come here in February you will take part in reenactments, plays, and performances that emphasize slavery, Civil Rights, and other taboo topics from American history. Therefore, if you want to learn more about the life and teachings of this great man that has inspired new generations, Atlanta is the best choice.

Another good reason why you should visit this amazing city at least once in your lifetime is the cultural diversity and fantastic cooking. While you can enjoy traditional Southern dishes, you will be glad to learn that the city is host to a plethora of international cuisines. From Chinese to African, from Mexican to French, there are numerous great places where you can have a taste to remember. In addition, if you were to visit the famous immigrants’ neighborhood, the Bulord Highway, you will find all sorts of interesting restaurants that serve authentic ethnic dishes.

Are you interested in vivid and entertaining nightlife? Then Atlanta is again a great choice for those that like to spend their nights clubbing and listening to their favorite music genre. Even though some consider this city as the crunk capital of the world, you will be glad to know that you can find locations where you can listen or do what you prefer. Regardless of whether you favor hip hop, rock, jazz, classic, country, or vibrant Latin rhythms, you can be sure that you will find it in Atlanta.

Is shopping your favorite hobby? In that case, you simply cannot miss out on the best shopping experience ever at the Buckhead Shopping Center. Even though Atlanta has dozens of stores where you can practice your hobby, two of them stand out in the crowd: the Phillips Plaza and the Lenox Square. In addition, since Buckhead includes numerous restaurants and hotels, it is important to note that making reservations at any of the facilities there can win you gift cards, free hotel transportation as well as complimentary free parking, and breakfast for two.

Lastly, if you consider visiting Atlanta at one point or another, take note that you will regret it if you do not check out the city’s main tourist attractions. Among the most popular attractions are the Coca-Cola and CNN headquarters, the history center, the city’s amazing museums, the Fox Theater, the zoo and the Kangaroo Conservation Center, the Atlanta Motor Sports, the historic neighborhoods, and the world’s largest puppetry center. To sum it all up, if you were to visit this city, you can be sure that it will provide you with many options for practicing your favorite activities, and as you can see, Atlanta can satisfy all tastes and preferences.

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