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Atlanta is one of the most beautiful and action-packed cities in the US. Being one of the cities that don’t have the required attention, you should be happy to find out that Atlanta has a lot to offer to everyone. Whether we’re talking about families who only want a fun and educational vacation with their kids or party animals who spend all their nights in clubs and bars, Atlanta is a fabulous city that will surely blow your mind. Let’s have a look at some of the primary reasons why your next travel destination should be the southern USA city of Atlanta.

Firstly, all of the shopping enthusiasts out there will be left in awe by Atlanta, a small shopping Mecca. On the other hand, everyone who visits a new city tends to also include a little bit of shopping in their vacation. Don’t worry if you don’t have a huge budget! Located just six miles east of downtown Atlanta, Decatur Square is an excellent location that you shouldn’t miss out on! It boasts fabulous boutiques as well as very good restaurants that will surely make your night!

Historic Neighborhoods are another reason why you should pack your bags and visit Atlanta as soon as you can. Whether strolling around in old neighborhoods is something you enjoy or you are a history buff or an architecture lover, a visit to the historic neighborhoods of Atlanta is an absolute must! Make sure you pay a visit to the Historic Roswell District which has houses from as far back as 1845! On the other hand, the Historic Marietta District boasts antique shops, a lot of galleries, restaurants, live shows, and hip boutiques.

The Atlanta Jazz Festival is an event that should be experienced by everyone over the course of a lifetime. Of course, your trip has to be planned around this festival, but it is surely worth it! The experience of listening to jazz music in the South is unique and the atmosphere of Atlanta really elevates it. Keep in mind to bring plenty of cash for drinks before you head out to the festival! Also, a taxi ride back to your hotel is recommended.

Grant Park is yet another reason why Atlanta is such a great tourist destination. Amazing views are offered by Atlanta’s oldest park. Just imagine the following vista: green grass, Victorian houses surrounding the park, the Atlanta Zoo, and Atlanta Cyclorama nearby. Grant Park enjoys over two million visitors per year. Just pack your picnic basket, make sure to check the weather, and get ready for a very fun day!

Lots of people love to go to comedy clubs when they visit a new city. Atlanta has one of the best comedy clubs out there. Called the Laughing Skull Comedy Lounge, it is a comedy club that will provide plenty of laughs as long as you go with a sense of humor and an open mind!

All in all, whether you are in town for history, shopping, entertainment, or business, Atlanta is a convenient and beautiful place to visit. Get ready to be amazed by Atlanta!