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Atlanta – The birthplace of Coca-Cola

Positioned in the heart of the city of Atlanta, the World of Coca-Cola exhibit should definitely be listed among the objectives worth visiting on your vacation. The museum features a history expo on this world-famous beverage and company from the very beginning and will be able to teach you quite a few things that you might not have been familiar with. However, in addition to the history center, the World of Coca-Cola has several entertainment and recreation attractions where tourists are welcome to test out the various products of the company. It is worth noting that the current expo is not the original one, which has been closed in 2007 due to the need of expanding the space and adding more showrooms. This is only natural, considering that the World of Coca-Cola museum hosts millions of tourists all year long.

The main attractions of the World of Coca-Cola tour

The representatives boast nearly twelve hundred artifacts related to the evolution of this beverage that has never been displayed to the general public outside of this museum. Moreover, it is worth noting the 4D movies which are fully interactive as well as the picture gallery that aims to show you how this beverage has been integrated with nearly all aspects of day-to-day life and popular culture. In addition, the tour guides cordially invite visitors to sample the newly released products on display. As you can see, the representatives have gone out of their way to enhance the visiting experience for everyone, without neglecting any aspect.

What is even more pleasing is that the design of this museum is constantly adapting to modern trends. It is fair to say that architecture plays a major part in the versatility of the exhibitions, unlike the former location. Consequentially, tourists can expect a different experience every time they choose to revisit this location. However, some of the displays like artworks signed by famous cultural personalities such as Andy Warhol or Norman Rockwell are an integral and permanent part of the museum.

How is the Atlanta version of the World of Coca-Cola museum designed?

The design of the exhibition includes two levels that gradually prepare visitors for the unique tour in which they are about to take part. On the first level, tourists that have successfully passed the metal detector tests will gain entry to the lobby. This zone includes displays such as huge bottles of Coke fashioned from a wide array of materials. The nearly sixty years old jingles highlight the general museum atmosphere as visitors slip toward the loft where the artifacts are displayed. Following the loft, tourists gain entry to the theater in which various mockumentary marketing films are displayed. However, from this point forward any resemblance to the former World of Coca-Cola museum is left behind. The next is, naturally dubbed “Hub” which breaks away from the conventional tour linearity by allowing the group to visit any attraction they choose.

The higher section of the museum contains the renowned 4D cinema which features moving seats, and water and wind simulations, in order to take the viewing experience to a whole new level. During the pauses, visitors can indulge in over sixty types of beverages from the self-serving dispensers. As souvenirs, the tourists are handed out 8-ounce bottles with markings that indicate their origin. In general, touring the World of Coca-Cola museum will take about ninety minutes, but will leave you with a lifetime of pleasant memories. Furthermore, unlike most conventional museums, you are allowed to take pictures inside the compound and, in case you have forgotten your camera at home, the SharpShooter Imaging service will take the pictures for you!

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