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4 places in Atlanta your kids will love!

An elegant and charming city, Atlanta is a big city and the pride jewel of the New South. By combining the old traditions with a touch of modernism, Atlanta has become one of the most fascinating cities in the USA. Although it boasts a sizzling nightlife offering its tourists a vast array of fun and unique attractions, this wonderful city is also a great location for families as there are a lot of kid-friendly places you will simply love. Let’s find out why Atlanta is a great travel destination for your family!

An excellent interactive children’s museum, the Imagine It Children’s Museum will ensure that your kids will stay busy as they perform one activity after the other. What is more, admission is free on every second Tuesday of each month! There are a lot of activities that your kids will love. For example, if you believe your kid is the next Picasso, you can let him paint on the walls or build all sorts of structures on a small crane suited for small children. There is also a game where balls can also be loaded in a kid-sized crane and then moved through a ball machine as well as tons of other fun games.

Our next stop is the Atlanta Botanical Garden. A host of interactive activities, a Treehouse, Vegetable garden, Dinosaur garden, sunflower fountain, and more are provided by a 2-acre children’s garden. One thing is certain: your kids will have a lot of fun due to the sense of freedom provided by its huge garden. You should be happy to find out that free admissions are possible on the first weekend of every month only if you meet the following condition: you must be a customer of Bank of America and own a BOA ATM, credit or debit card.

The Fern Bank Museum is another venue that will surely amaze your family and kids. The same free admission program for BOA customers is also provided here. The setting of the period where the largest dinosaurs lived is recreated by this wonderful place and as soon as you enter the main hall, you will travel back in time. Polar bears, dinosaurs, penguins, and a lot more animals are depicted by the Fern Bank Museum authentically. Furthermore, through playful activities, your children will learn about basic concepts of nature, all thanks to the Children’s Discovery Room.

One of the most visited and popular places in Atlanta is Stone Mountain Park. Although there is a $34 pass for all ages you should pay for, keep in mind that a lot of things can be also enjoyed for free if you simply pay an $8 parking permit fee. Then, just pack a picnic bag and hike the mountain, play with your kids at the children’s playground, take a stroll around the Crossroads, or choose the beach. There are 15 miles of nature trails for you to enjoy! Free laser shows are available during the summer, so what are you waiting for? Bring your kids to enjoy Atlanta today!

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