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Introducing Chattanooga’s own Bohemian Village Juice Bar and Wellness Store

On the surface, The Bohemian Village is a juice bar and wellness store. But once inside, the space reveals itself as a sanctuary celebrating the African diaspora.

The property located at 2511 N Chamberlain Ave in Chattanooga, TN was purchased by Silas Luster in November. He is renovating the space into a comfortable place for the community to come together and create positive change. The place offers a neo-soul aesthetic: with the aroma of essential oils, warm earthy colors and Erykah Badu playing softly in the background.

Silas says “ I want to create a place that every person feels welcome. A place where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves.”

All the business properties that once filled the bustling neighborhood have long been vacant. But recently, there has been a resurgence of growth and investment in the neighborhood. Silas hopes that The Bohemian Village will make health more accessible for people living in the neighborhood.

Although they haven’t opened their doors yet, The Bohemian Village is looking for vendors and business owners who create products that fit into three categories: home decor, wellness, and the market.

Examples of products are tapestries, baskets, woodwork, pottery, furniture, jewelry, fragrance, rugs, sea moss, soaps, skin care, hair care, herbs, essential oils, wine, coffee, spices, olive oil, honey, and tea.

They are accepting all applicants through their email. For anyone interested, they ask that you send an email to with your name, business name, product type and best form of contact.

Address: 2511 N Chamberlain Ave Chattanooga TN 37406
Phone number: (423) 355-5243