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MAGISNAT’s Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Mind & Sleep: Unlocking the Gateway to Deeper Sleep and Enhanced Wellness

MAGISNAT, a leading innovator in personalized wellness solutions, unveils Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Mind & Sleep, a revolutionary dietary supplement formulated to promote deeper, more restorative sleep and enhance overall well-being. This carefully crafted blend will soon be available to help individuals unlock the gateway to a better night’s rest.

A Symphony of Ingredients for Restful Nights:

Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Mind & Sleep goes beyond simply promoting drowsiness. It harnesses the power of three key ingredients to create a holistic sleep solution:

  • Melatonin: Your body’s natural sleep hormone, gently guides you towards slumber and regulates your sleep-wake cycle.*
  • Passionflower Flavonoids: These calming extracts soothe the mind, easing tension and preparing you for a peaceful night’s rest.*
  • Silymarin from Milk Thistle: Renowned for its antioxidant properties, Silymarin combats free radicals and supports overall health, potentially contributing to better sleep quality.*

This unique blend works synergistically to:

  • Supports The Body’s Natural Sleep Cycle: A combination of melatonin, passionflower flavonoids, and silymarin from milk thistle aims to support a healthy and natural sleep routine, helping individuals achieve restful and rejuvenating sleep.*
  • Antioxidant Properties: The bioactive compounds present, such as Passion flower extract, actively support the body in neutralizing harmful free radicals, thereby promoting overall health and well-being.*
  • Anti-Inflammatory properties: Silymarin, recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, contributes to the reduction of neuroinflammation, potentially providing relief and promoting better neurological health.*
  • Cognitive Function Support: Melatonin works to enhance cognitive function, assisting individuals in maintaining mental sharpness and clarity.*

Experience the Difference, One Gentle Tablet at a Time:

Taking control of your sleep is simple. For adults, simply take one easy-to-swallow tablet of Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Mind & Sleep 30 minutes before bedtime. The maximum recommended dosage is one tablet per day.*

Safety and Quality:

MAGISNAT prioritizes your safety and well-being. Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Mind & Sleep is manufactured with the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients and adheres to strict safety standards. Store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. Do not use if the package is damaged or after the expiration date.

Discover the Key to a Restful You:

Embark on your journey to deeper sleep and enhanced well-being with Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Mind & Sleep. Visit our secure and user-friendly website to learn more about Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Mind & Sleep and other innovative MAGISNAT products.


MAGISNAT, headquartered at Atlanta Tech Park in Peachtree Corners, GA, is a pioneer in personalized wellness solutions. Specialize in Omics Tests, including genomic, metabolomic, and proteomic tests, designed to explore key biochemical pathways for personalizing lifestyles and dietary supplementation. MAGISNAT’s product lines consist of scientifically studied formulations, offering an integrated approach through Omics Pathway Analysis.

Media Contact
Company Name: MAGISNAT
Contact Person: Matteo Bertelli MD, PhD
Address: Atlanta Tech Park 107 Technology Parkway Suite 801
State: GA 30092
Country: United States

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is important to note that this article does not intend to provide medical advice, and the purpose of the summary of scientific bibliography is cultural insight. The article does not suggest that dietary supplements have any therapeutic, diagnostic, or preventive properties for any disease or condition. It is not intended as advice to use omics tests in any modality or for any purpose. Only a physician and/or nutritionist can provide advice in the areas of nutrition, prevention, and health.