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Professional Duct Cleaners in Atlanta

Cleaning the air conditioning ducts is an operation that must be done periodically using specific products for sanitizing air ducts.

Cleaning and sanitizing aeraulic ducts are essential to ensure the systems’ efficiency, the air quality of an indoor environment, and the health of the people who occupy it.

Using specific disinfectant products and substances for these operations ensures proper cleaning and the elimination of microbiological contaminants, which if inhaled can be harmful to health.

A proper ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the aeraulic systems is essential for:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the system itself, reducing energy costs;
  • Making the indoor air better and breathable;
  • Break down the concentration of bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi that may be present;
  • Check for the presence of the Legionella bacterium to then proceed with its elimination.
  • Eliminating any possible allergens from dust and pollen;

By remediation of aeraulic systems, we mean a complexity of actions that can be divided into two main categories: cleaning – that is the mechanical removal of dust and dirt inside the channels and from the UTA – and disinfection – which disinfects the surfaces of the system using chemical products – the last step of the whole process.

As for the actual cleaning, the aeraulic ducts are usually cleaned by mechanical means that allow the removal of dust and dirt.

There are several cleaning systems for aeraulic ducts, however, the most used are:

  • Blowing;
  • Brushing;
  • Compressed Air.

All three systems are then integrated with a vacuum cleaner, necessary to convey the removed dirt outside.

The choice of the most appropriate technique will obviously depend on the structure of the aeraulic system and the technical information collected through the preliminary video inspection of the air ducts.

As said, after the cleaning phase, there is disinfection. Disinfectant and sanitizing products that are used in this phase can be classified into physical disinfectants (heat, UV radiation) and organic chemical disinfectants (alcohol, aldehydes, surfactant compounds) or inorganic (heavy metal salts, acids, agents oxidants).

The inorganic ones, despite having a very high power of action, are not easy to handle and quite dangerous, therefore organic ones are more often used which in any case have a high antimicrobial action.

The main chemicals used for disinfection are:

  • Quaternary ammonium salts;
  • Hydrogen peroxide;
  • Peracetic acid.

The choice of a disinfectant product rather than another is made primarily based on the compatibility of the chemical product with the materials to be treated, but also on the type of environments served by the aeraulic systems and the type of contamination that is detected in the monitoring phase.

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