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Atlanta’s Joi Mebane Is Leaving Her Mark!

She has taken the beauty industry worldwide by storm, and in doing so has helped put Atlanta on the map for success and the capital for beauty in the USA.

Joi Mebane is the world famous creator and CEO behind The Look By Joi and during the pandemic she created “The 60 Second Brow Kit” which has helped those stuck at home get their eyebrows done professionally. Now that things are opening back up, she travels the country to sold out conferences teaching men and women how to open successful brow and microblading businesses and then scale them into the millions.

Atlanta has been home to Joi though and inspired her journey. She spoke to us about it all!

1. What about living and working here in Atlanta do you love so much about?

What I love the most about living and working in Atlanta is that I have been able to flourish at home. I was born and raised in Atlanta. Having my support system close by has had a huge impact on my success. I love the fact that I am able to give back into the same community I grew up in.

This city has always been a powerful city full of creativity, inspiration and history. I’m a part of an era that has really seen the city transform into the powerhouse that it is now. The culture of Atlanta has always centered around beauty, whether it’s hair, wigs, nails, brows, lashes, all of the beauty trends start here in the city. Some are intimidated by being in a saturated market, but being in beauty in Atlanta, there are so many ways to stand out and make an impact!

2. How has Atlanta inspired you as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry?

Not only is Atlanta my hometown, it’s the beauty capital of the world! From hair, makeup, nails, brows, the list goes on! The city has great energy being surrounded by so many entrepreneurs and beauty-preneurs. Growing up seeing beauty supplies stores, hair stores, salons on every corner I was able to explore my love of beauty without hesitation.

Like I said before, all the beauty trends start in the A! The people of Atlanta, especially women, love their beauty products, regimens and trying new looks. With countless movies, TV shows, reality shows, etc. being shot right here in the city, we get to display our creativity through beauty on the big screens!

3. What beauty industry trends here in Atlanta do you see happening as we head into the colder season?

As we head into the colder season, I see semi-permanent makeup services trending in Atlanta. When the weather drops and the holidays approach people start staying in the house more. Since semi-permanent makeup services, like microshading for brows, last up to 18 months, you can have that “I woke up like this look,” without having to maintain your weekly beauty routine.

4. Where are some of your favorite places to go to dine, explore, etc. here in town?

I am definitely a foodie and there are so many amazing restaurants to choose from. Some of my favorites are Barcelona on Howell Mill, Marcells Steak House is my absolute favorite steak house and Catch 12 at the Twelve hotel has a great vibe.

Another hidden gem is Colony Square! They have events and experiences like movies in the courtyard in the warmer months and ice skating in the winter. The courtyard is beautiful and the whole area is perfect to work, eat and enjoy the city.

5. What is your advice for others here wanting to reach the level of success as you have?

For anyone trying to achieve success in any industry in Atlanta, consistency is key! Never be intimidated or hold yourself back because there are people doing the same thing as you. By being consistent and finding my niche in my industry I was able to really capitalize on my skills and you can do the same. Find your specialty and what makes you different and focus on that.

6. What notable Atlanta people have helped to inspire your own journey?

Atlanta is full of amazing entrepreneurs and inspiring people. I am so blessed to have a circle of close friends that are all so successful in the city and globally. In the early years of my career, Maja Sly, an incredible entrepreneur and beauty maven, appeared on WeTV’s Cutting It in the ATL and I was behind the scenes as her makeup artist. She continues to be an inspiration to the city and a full fledged connoisseur of all things business. Connie S. Falls has worked with countless Atlanta and global businesses building the systems and procedures for their businesses. She helped me to hone in on the systems in my business so I could let the business run itself. A.J. Joiner is a renowned author. We partnered on my very first online webinar a few years back and since then I’ve been able to introduce so many more webinars, online courses and eBooks.