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Atlanta Addiction Treatment

Caron Atlanta is an Addiction Treatment Center for the rehabilitation of individuals suffering mild to chronic dependence on alcohol, drugs and other substances. Addiction treatment is intended to help individuals addicted to alcohol, drugs and other substances stop or regain control of their use. Treatment usually varies according to the level of addiction. Based on your level of addiction, our treatment services can take several forms and can vary in length.

We realize that merely telling a person who is addicted to stop has little or no effect on their behavior, which is why we offer effective and integrated addiction treatment programs. Programs might involve multiple interventions, regular monitoring and can be tailored in length depending on the patient’s recovery progress.

Addiction treatment is never a short-term, one-time process

Our addiction treatment services are systematic and customized to fit each individual according to their level and type of substance dependence. Usually, the first step towards getting sober is the individual acknowledging his or her personal struggle with alcohol or drug dependence. While some individuals with addictions go through a detox stage before proceeding to rehab, others may go straight into an inpatient or outpatient rehab facility.

Our Programs:

Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Assessments

We run a comprehensive clinical evaluation of the patient’s medical health, psychosocial history, addictive behaviors, and other behavioral disorders. The findings are used to structure a program that helps patients gradually withdraw from dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Caron’s clinical team and caregivers offer patients and their families the care and assistance they need to heal and become free from addiction.

College Success Intensive Outpatient Group

We offer Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment plans for recovery and academically driven patients. Our goal is to provide a range of care services that support the educational and academic goals of our patients.

Young Professionals Intensive Outpatient Group

At Caron Atlanta, we help reintegrate patients into the workforce or help them forge a pathway into their first career. . The program, which offers resume and cover letter advice, interview training, and evaluation of professional strengths and weaknesses, is designed to assist young professionals in charting their career paths

Patient-Centered Individual Counseling

For patients who desire a deeper level of counseling, we organize one-on-one sessions with that guides our treatment plan for each individual.

Private Family Counseling

We run programs to encourage the client’s family to be part of the treatment process and help address the client’s alcohol or drug use. Multi-family group forums are also available.

Weekly Outpatient Groups

Through the strategic use of group dynamics, clients are encouraged to develop new behaviors that will help them heal from drug and alcohol addiction.

Teen Intervene

An evidence-based program that provides early intervention for young teens to help them analyze and evaluate their drug or alcohol use, and helps prevent them from developing or deepening a drug or alcohol addictions.

We feature:

Case Management

– We meet with patients and families to analyze treatment programs, monitor progress and highlight other clinical concerns.

Referral Services

– We offer referral services for anybody seeking treatment for themselves, friend or family.

Student Assistance

– Our Students Assistance Program (SAP) offers comprehensive programs that help students and young people prevent drug, alcohol and other substances abuse.

If are looking for an efficient Atlanta addiction treatment center, call on us today!